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4c1c3d17-5f28-4550-ab72-d14034e03732 IR ch 10s1 Continental Drift2 MB Open File
e6fee8cd-72c0-4a15-9929-893747b15cfd IR ch 10s2 The Theory of Plate Tectonics2 MB Open File
39cd34cd-497f-4782-a791-a646e206bc52 IR ch 10s3 The Changing Continents1 MB Open File
892d77ca-d1d0-4778-8cb0-9b3f135a9e7e IR ch 11s1 How Rocks Deform431 KB Open File
9baa3a91-ae2e-4258-98bd-ebfb6711253d IR ch 11s2 How Mountains Form434 KB Open File
943b5275-9447-4deb-8ac6-d68da64cd09f IR ch 12s1 How and Where Earthquakes Happen344 KB Open File
b23acf18-091f-41e3-964a-78815bed87c7 IR ch 12s2 Studying Earthquakes 222 KB Open File
ea4ae246-3632-4dcf-9244-7085cb94c83d IR ch 12s3 Earthquakes and Society174 KB Open File
a16c2855-198a-42b7-bc6b-60ed6e5ff307 IR ch 13s1 Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics914 KB Open File
4bba9a40-1d2f-4453-8450-cf9706322f81 IR ch 13s2 Volcanic Eruptions307 KB Open File
ab9582d1-26af-4784-a5c2-dc66fc70c5c7 IR ch 14s1 Weathering Processes304 KB Open File
40a64677-1ae2-4313-a0d2-4f246dab6715 IR ch 14s2 Rates of Weathering160 KB Open File
aa7ef1bf-59bf-4dea-9e56-920967d11bb8 IR ch 14s3 Soil198 KB Open File
d60b22bf-cf4e-4271-9e2f-72f89835adc8 IR ch 14s4 Erosion408 KB Open File
9a1ae3c3-8599-4d19-b9d7-12bf9a9dea06 IR ch 15s1 The Water Cycle196 KB Open File
cab82898-b5d7-4d62-974b-426781f80726 IR ch 15s2 Stream Erosion236 KB Open File
038a9239-117e-4d92-8c1b-b0d4993de104 IR ch 15s3 Stream Deposition188 KB Open File
8b130c82-1496-4eb3-b5c8-7dcad90e0af9 IR ch 16s1 Water Beneath the Surface468 KB Open File
b9a905b2-739a-4a56-9db0-dad5ee32ef1e IR ch 16s2 Groundwater and Chemical Weathering225 KB Open File
daf305f8-fe5f-443e-aded-170fa4301fb1 IR ch 17s1 Glaciers Moving Ice187 KB Open File
61c1bfbd-5c18-49be-be20-80e40e5acd54 IR ch 17s2 Glacial Erosion and Deposition484 KB Open File
76f062b6-d6d6-42e6-a529-af16ef00084e IR ch 17s3 Ice Ages4 MB Open File
e479c0bd-0bfd-4acd-ac49-e8af38f8ed67 IR ch 18s1 Wind Erosion331 KB Open File
f08affa0-8125-4da3-9ce7-84bace18feaa IR ch 18s2 Wave Erosion179 KB Open File
5ea3519c-812f-455d-b1f0-5c5954fa7601 IR ch 18s3 Coastal Erosion and Deposition198 KB Open File
d12a0b13-b70f-4bde-894e-3b46f2bd5f84 IR ch 19s1 Characteristics of the Atmosphere344 KB Open File
b606c915-7f45-4135-90f7-945ab0fca2df IR ch 19s2 Solar Energy and the Atmosphere403 KB Open File
538ef732-6131-4102-85b2-4238e4d0db4f IR ch 19s3 Atmospheric Circulation220 KB Open File
76ced942-522b-4cb9-9c78-e74b718fb416 IR ch 20s2 Clouds and Fog333 KB Open File
5ae3f98d-bae2-4ec4-a54f-4f7d7f0aeaed IR ch 20s3 Precipitation182 KB Open File
71893621-0000-439b-8fe4-26997e6710d4 IR ch 21s1 Air Masses172 KB Open File
2d79ca57-72a1-46ec-ae1b-3a1f279f9754 IR ch 21s2 Fronts324 KB Open File
fbe3851b-e7b4-4afc-b063-04570145e257 IR ch 21s3 Weather Instruments171 KB Open File
a724d68f-2a08-4fef-9f8d-f7d385b32c05 IR ch 21s4 Forecasting the Weather243 KB Open File
d0c9fe93-53d9-4da9-ad00-5db712d7ecda IR ch 22s1 Factors that Affect Climate275 KB Open File
2ec726ea-5daf-4c08-b081-3922782ba5dc IR ch 22s2 Climate Zones187 KB Open File
9f12aef1-8c22-4c9a-b6cf-4526d9ed72bc IR ch 22s3 Climate Change4 MB Open File
99216b0d-9825-4d24-8de7-ae2a7d6d263b IR ch 23s1 The Water Planet372 KB Open File
69961b0c-544b-4d3b-96de-31a46daf5bbd IR ch 23s2 Features of the Ocean Floor227 KB Open File
6a57c3f4-a326-4b8e-97cf-532e3d93a0b5 IR ch 23s3 Ocean Floor Sediments222 KB Open File
8135d34d-7535-428c-bdb7-c3a797f0e2e7 IR ch 24s1 Properties of Ocean Water451 KB Open File
1a7cb280-3e90-47d9-9152-081191259bcb IR ch 24s2 Life in the Oceans192 KB Open File
67955c69-f72a-4ae1-8e9a-8114a73ad83a IR ch 24s3 Ocean Resources188 KB Open File
515b8c30-ec70-4ae9-8944-202e6a66fcf0 IR ch 25s1 Ocean Currents1 MB Open File
65a9211a-f14b-4fa2-8e33-d1f1aeb45489 IR ch 25s2 Ocean Waves449 KB Open File
8bf32f00-741e-487f-a96b-29d2718415ce IR ch 25s3 Tides1 MB Open File
dd769a6d-4bb3-47da-889b-85893473c87a IR ch 28s2 Movements of the Moon395 KB Open File
6c458a06-2c04-455b-8e07-eaa6f0f880df IR ch 28s3 Asteroids Comets and Meteoroids378 KB Open File
19a59dc9-c7ee-42a4-8ce0-c145a4912bf0 IR ch 28s3 Satellites of Other Planets274 KB Open File
da043d19-ca48-4a08-9218-c690f542ff32 IR ch 29s1 Structure of the Sun307 KB Open File
2ab5c5c0-dc41-47bd-aa8e-418222d9de1e IR ch 29s2 Solar Activity208 KB Open File
37465770-ca0b-486e-a9e8-35df20106591 IR ch 30s1 Characteristics of Stars301 KB Open File
0a2db09c-819d-4e81-8dac-71e12631a980 IR ch 30s2 Stellar Evolution357 KB Open File
e6edb44f-eb98-4bad-90f7-2c10585e147c IR ch 30s3 Star Groups339 KB Open File
382afaba-3846-4a78-af46-f9abb80bd08d IR ch 01s1 What is Earth Science162 KB Open File
70d0668f-c60e-413a-a5b1-35ce7b82528c IR ch 01s2 Science as a Process396 KB Open File
54b8d73c-3519-4cbb-b2fe-3c20d5c75bba IR ch 02s1 Earth a Unique Planet1 MB Open File
15f3f9c1-b1c1-4c07-ac56-7f1d5e4a1588 IR ch 02s2 Energy in the Earth System426 KB Open File
aa291c77-3d50-4cad-ac96-3707b1d785df IR ch 02s3 Ecology209 KB Open File
197e9c8a-aa0f-470c-86c3-4fe9b95eb2dd IR ch 03s3 Types of Maps352 KB Open File
9a673b9e-88b4-4d64-8b69-cf485bc2b1fa IR ch 04s1 Matter391 KB Open File
f87ee1d1-1032-457c-94e1-2adf2a42baa1 IR ch 04s2 Combinations of Atoms266 KB Open File
8bb4caf0-3c9d-420c-90d7-eff6045d5b37 IR ch 05s1 What is a Mineral270 KB Open File
4afa45d2-e70c-4255-ae3b-482f102655a3 IR ch 05s2 Identifying Minerals268 KB Open File
8081917e-e8af-4508-a550-696121c730c4 IR ch 06s1 Rocks and the Rock Cycle189 KB Open File
863231c6-c492-4061-a942-876f8f97aea9 IR ch 06s2 Igneous Rock299 KB Open File
9aeadbc5-c552-4dbf-bfe9-2f5a9ffa2d70 IR ch 06s3 Sedimentary Rock307 KB Open File
8dbabf81-ef44-40e6-a5e8-d9489fb1d8fc IR ch 06s4 Metamorphic Rock186 KB Open File
38a9f47f-bc88-44d0-9fff-27989611593a IR ch 07s1 Mineral Resources178 KB Open File
6b78b0fb-0a62-4953-93aa-3914b41bd738 IR ch 07s2 Nonrenewable Energy332 KB Open File
97aac2cf-8127-4169-a3df-97678b1f71e5 IR ch 07s3 Renewable Energy193 KB Open File
bd8fc49d-e90f-4dc0-8d7c-7dbf95dbbfd3 IR ch 07s4 Resources and Conservation156 KB Open File
d43960a2-4b8a-43b5-8991-f2ef132259e9 IR ch 08s1 Determining Relative Age331 KB Open File
b7c03b98-3278-4573-a247-a99bcdcff702 IR ch 08s2 Determining Absolute Age271 KB Open File
802778f6-ec3d-4fcd-a8b3-9680892aef86 IR ch 08s3 The Fossil Record226 KB Open File
8007882a-35da-4afe-ab69-5f0d2e688b41 IR ch 09s1 Geologic Time178 KB Open File
be0f3e57-baa8-48c7-9eaa-af90007ed6ae IR ch 09s2 Precambrian Time and the Paleozoic Era329 KB Open File
940ae3d9-b96e-442d-8ada-326bd6619cad IR ch 09s3 The Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras412 KB Open File