Astronomy Unit

Apollo 11 Mission

Timeline: The History of Space Exploration

Coriolis Effect

Earth's Rotation

Sun's Path


Seasons and Revolution

The Moon

Solar System

Ellipses and Kepler's Law

Star Comparison




Schoolhouse Rock- Gravity

Schoolhouse Rock- Solar System

NASA Connect- Seasons


Why Does the Moon Look Like it Changes

How Can We See a Black Hole?

What Causes an Eclipse of the Moon?

What Will Happen to the Earth When the Sun Dies?

Why Isn't Pluto a Planet Any More?

What is Red Shift

What Happens When Galaxies Collide?

Where is the Center of the Universe?

Psych Out

Massive Solar Storms

Life Cycle of a Star

Life and Death of a Star

Bill Nye and the Distance between the Planet

Extra Credit Video-Ancient Obersvations- Part 1

Extra Credit video- Ancient Observatories- Part 2

Extra Credit video- Ancient Obervatories- Part 3

Extra Credit- Ancient Observatories- Part 4

Birth of the Solar System